Course Fee Structure


Each course has an established fee which varies depending on the nature of the course and your circumstance, such as eligibility for WorkReady support. 

Click here for the WorkReady eligibility link.


Fees and charges may be paid by cash, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS or a company may be invoiced. 


Successful enrolment applications in Academy courses cannot be guaranteed until course fees (if any) are paid and receipts must be retained to verify payments.

Course cancellation:

Should AMFA cancel a course either before commencement or once it has commenced, a pro rata refund or placement in another course will be made available to students as soon as possible. Every endeavour will be made to find places on alternative courses at other organisations if AMFA cannot offer another course time.

Course incompletion:

Should AMFA be unable to deliver any of the units of competency scheduled in a particular training programme, a pro rata refund will be made available to students as soon as possible and every endeavour will be made to find placements on alternative courses at other training organisations.

AMFA refund policy:

A request for a refund on course fees will incur a minimum 10% administration charge up to 100% of fees paid. Other changes to enrolment status incur these listed penalties:

Cancellation, Withdrawals or Transfers:
Additional fees:

The Academy has no authority to deal with any matters that are handled by the maritime regulator. These matters may include:

  • calculation of sea time

  • the processing of applications for maritime licences

  • the fees charged

  • the booking of final exams

Students should contact the maritime regulator directly to determine what they are required to do to obtain their maritime licences.

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